Our candidates

Abingdon East
Mike Badcock


Having served as a town, district and county councillors for many years I understand the issues facing local people. Following the boundary changes I am standing in the Abingdon East division. Our community is a strong one, and the improvements that the Conservatives are brining to Abingdon-on-Thames are beginning to show. We have introduced the popular 2hr free parking scheme and continue to improve the Town Centre.

As a county councillor I continue to fight for road improvements, and am very supportive of Nicola Blackwood’s work in lobbying the Department for Transport for improvements to the A34.

Abingdon North
Sandy Lovatt


When I was a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, the largest business organisation in the country, I campaigned continuously on behalf of local businesses, which are the backbone of our local economy. I still maintain this to be true and, furthermore, local economies are a mix of the social cultural and economic activities of the community. Therefore, obtaining value for money from our council taxes is essential. The cost of running council services can and must be kept efficient without damaging essential services. The Conservatives have already proven that they deliver proper planning and value for money.


Abingdon South
Marilyn Badcock


Abingdon-on-Thames is a thriving community, and it is a privilege to serve as a town, district and county councillor, working for local people. Our town has played host to a number of great events over the last year, with the fantastic celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Torch Relay. There will be more to come this year, and I will continue to support the social and cultural life of the town.The Conservatives are repairing the damage done by the Lib Dems who failed to put in place a Local Plan to protect our green spaces and who failed to improve the local economy. I am proud to serve the local community and fight for the improvements we need.

Banbury Calthorpe
Keith Strangwood


Keith Strangwood has been involved with local councils for many years.Keith says, “Many local councillors fail to speak out when required and only seem to appear at election times.”When our libraries were under threat, Keith set up public meetings and helped to create library friends groups, to ensure our libraries stayed open.When our post offices were under threat Keith campaigned to keep them open.When our town was threatened with ridiculous road schemes and pretty much pedestrianisation everywhere, Keith campaigned for a sensible upgrade for our town, one that the Banbury people wanted.Keith has been given the name Keith ‘Hawk’ Strangwood. As like a hawk, he watches and will swoop down at any sign of injustice.

 Ann Bonner SMALL

Banbury Grimsbury & Castle
Ann Bonner


I am delighted once more to seek the opportunity to represent Grimsbury and Castle Division and serve you for a further term on Oxfordshire County Council. This year I renew my pledge to you that my commitment to our area is as strong and determined as ever and to ask you for your support to re-elect me on 2nd May 2013.In 2013 I celebrate 100 years of personal family history in Grimsbury, My mother, Caroline Wise was born here in 1913. My roots are here and my heart is here. In recent years I have given over my entire life to supporting and working hard for the area and in particular the community. I am both a true Banburian and Grimsburian and will always speak up for us all and what I believe to be right and fair.

Banbury Hardwick
Nicholas Turner


Like most people I care about the area I live in. I think we live in a great community, but I also think it can be even better. People feel disconnected from politics, but they can make a difference.Since the Conservatives took control of the county council in 2005, things have been steadily improving. Services have got better – and taxes have been held down. With your support I want to be part of that strong team at County Hall to continue to improve our community.

Banbury Ruscote
Alyas Ahmed


I am a hardworking local man who lived in the Division since 1989 with my wife and family. I have worked for the last 4 years as county councillor. I have served as Town Councillor and I am currently a Cherwell district councillor serving since 2006. I believe I have proven my commitment to Banbury and its future.
I was actively involved in the successful campaign to re-open the open air swimming pool.

Keeping open the Neithrop Library, I helped set up the public meeting which resulted in huge public pressure and the decision to keep this important Library open.
I was instrumental in the creation of the early intervention centre at Woodgreen for the youth of the division
Working along side other local Councillors I have managed to secure many improvements to our area.


Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst
Thomas Kelley


I am standing for election as your County Councillor to ensure that we have a strong voice in the decisions that are being made that affect our lives.I will fight on your behalf to ensure the County Council continues to manage your money responsibly, remembering that every penny the council spends is raised from hard working taxpayers.I will fight for continued improvements in our transport network, to raise school standards further and to ensure that older people are treated with the respect they deserve.Only with your support can we continue this work. Please vote Conservative on Thursday 2nd May, and help us to make Oxfordshire an even better place to live.


Benson & Cholsey
Peter Skolar


The two biggest issues facing this area is the strategic concerns over quarrying and roads, and the provision of excellent local services.There are the local and strategic issues which can have effects in any Division. The quarry and aggregate issue will be dealt with by the Government Inspector but it will be up to the County as the traffic Authority to deal with HGV and congestion. I will work with town and parish councils to alleviate traffic movements and stop destruction of the local environment. I will also press for increased pothole filling and use the area steward fund to its best local advantage, speed limiting and accident prevention.


Berinsfield & Garsington
Lorraine Lindsay-Gale


It has been my privilege to serve the residents of the Dorchester & Berinsfield Division for the past four years as your County Councillor. I am standing for re-election because I care passionately about the area in which we live, work and raise our families. I’ve lived here for over 25 years and know the issues facing our communities. I believe that I have had, and could continue to have if re-elected, a positive impact on the future of our area.Electoral boundary changes mean that this Division has expanded to include Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon and Garsington. While residents in these villages may not know me, I hope that it won’t be long before you do, as I would spend a good deal of time getting to know you, and making myself available to those who may need my help.


Bicester North
Lawrie Stratford


It has been my privilege to serve as a local councillor at Town, District and County levels over a period of thirteen years, and, in particular, I was Bicester Town Mayor in 2001/02.During this period I’ve served on a range of committees, covering most of the service areas that local government provide and support. With your help and vote I want to continue to serve our residents.We all want excellent educational opportunities, good employment choices, appropriate shopping and recreation facilities for all members of the family. We all want a community that is safe, that is clean, and where we all enjoy living, and that is what I’ve been working for, and will continue to work for.Local Solutions for Local People is easy to say but it is what I believe most people want for their area. I want to help deliver those local solutions that meet local aspirations.

Bicester Town
Michael Waine


I was born in Bicester and live in Bicester and just like you I care for our town and its future. That is why I am offering myself for re-election to the County Council and am asking for your support.You may know me through my early work at St. Edburg’s School or my time as headteacher at Glory Farm School, through Church or organisations that I am connected with. Many will know that my retirement, like my professional life, has been one of working with and through others to achieve best outcomes for our community. Collaboration, co-operation and working together are very much my style. However, if you do not know me, I can assure you of my desire to serve the whole community to the best of my ability.


Bicester West
Norman Bolster


I am standing for election as your County Councillor because I feel Bicester deserves the roads, transport, and education to enable it to manage the huge growth it will see in the next 20 years.Your Bicester County Councillors have worked as a team to make sure Bicester gets the improvements it needs and would continue to do so to achieve this. We have fought for the six form college at Cooper School, improvements that are required at Junction 9 of the M40, the road changes near Bicester Village, the improvements to access the town centre development and the new library. All of these are in place or will be in the next 2 years.We all used the phrase “Infrastructure before development”, a few years ago and now that is happening.Please support us to continue delivering on your behalf.


Bloxham & Easington
Kieron Mallon


Many candidates in local elections talk a very negative campaign and in doing so also end up talking down the area they wish to represent. I on the other hand believe the reality is very different, we live in a fantastic part of the country and should be proud of it and the people and services we have.In fact despite the doom mongers we have seen investment here in North Oxfordshire and the only cuts have been in the back office and bureaucracy, to save you money and make the councils more efficient to protect the front line.So whilst some of the would be councillors will tell you doom and gloom in this election, I am committed to providing the best local services, at a fair price, and wherever possible to continue to improve them for all our benefit.


Burford & Carterton
Neil Owen


We are fortunate to live in a lovely part of the country with low crime, high employment and a great environment. But we have our problems too. We must strongly oppose the loss of local facilities, seek improvements to infrastructure particularly roads where Burford High Street and bridge suffer hugely from HGVs trundling through and Carterton has poor close road links with the wider area. With new housing being needed in the future we must fight for better infrastructure and ensure we have the public services we need to support local people.I am deeply passionate about our area, I want to protect our countryside and heritage for the enjoyment of all, whilst at the same time representing the needs of local residents.

With your support on Polling Day, I will if successful fight to ensure that we continue to enjoy living in a lovely part of the country.


Carterton South & West
Peter Handley


I am pleased and honoured to be standing again as your Conservative candidate in the County Council elections on Thursday 2nd May 2013 for the new Carterton South West Division to include the Broadshire Villages, due to boundary changes in my area, following a review by the Boundary Commission of the whole of Oxfordshire.

During the last four years since you elected me I have been very busy dealing with many issues and the problems raised with me by individual residents. At the time of writing this message, I can report on progress made on a number of fronts. A new liaison committee of combined councils and the RAF is now up and running and starting to work to solve the many problems we both share, i.e. noise, transport, flooding, infrastructure, education, youth provision, new housing and rented accommodation.


Chalgrove & Watlington
Caroline Newton


I was bred and raised in south Oxfordshire, and returned to live in Britwell Salome, in the heart of this division, with Matthew, my husband, when our first daughter was born seven years ago. Our two children now attend a local primary school, and we play an active role in local community and in supporting local businesses.
I was elected as the County Councillor for the Watlington Division last year, and I am standing for election as your County Councillor again this year because I care passionately about this area in which we live, work and raise our families. I want to help protect it, improve it and promote it.


Charlbury & Wychwood
Rodney Rose


Having represented the present Wychwood Division for the last 16 years, I now look forward to standing for election in the new “Charlbury and Wychwood” Division. While still including the Wychwood villages of Shipton, Ascott, Milton, Lyneham, Bruern, Fifield, Idbury, the new seat will gain Charlbury, Finstock, Fawler, Chadlington, Churchill, Spelsbury, Cornbury and Wychwood, Chilson and Sarsden. I was born, have lived and worked in Churchill for many years and was educated in Chipping Norton, before moving to the Wychwoods  where I have lived and worked to the present day. Having grown up and worked on a farm, I have a deep love of the countryside, and some understanding of the people who live and work here. Each village is a little different, with slightly different problems, so regular contact with them and their Parish Councils is very important – something that I have always done, and will continue to do. I do think our local Libraries are very important, and will continue to fight for them. Extra Care Housing is also something I place great importance to, as care of our elderly is an increasing problem – it is imperative that those who need such care are able to do so close to friends and family where they have lived. Local public transport is also an area that I feel needs protection – it is not used by many at the moment, but for those few it can be their only lifeline.


Chipping Norton
Hilary Biles


It has been an immense pleasure to represent you at County Hall for the last eight years. They have been enjoyable and challenging. I have enjoyed meeting many residents over the years and during this campaign. Chipping Norton Division now has a greater profile at County Hall – and we have achieved a great deal. However there is always more to do . The facilities in Chipping Norton serve all the residents in the surrounding villages.

I am passionate about our rural area! As a Councillor it is my job to make sure your tax is spent locally. Over the last eight years I have managed to do just that. It is essential to have a strong voice at County Hall to fight for our rural area. With your support I can continue to represent you. Please vote for me on May 2nd.


Churchill & Lye Valley
Gary Dixon


I am standing for election as your County Councillor because, like you, I care passionately about the area in which we all live, work and raise our families.I know the problems facing our local community because they are the same problems that I face week in week out, but I believe that by working together we can make a real change locally. Since the Conservatives took control of the County Council in 2005 things have been steadily improving. Services have got better, and taxes have been held down.With your support I want to be part of that strong team at County Hall to continue to improve our community.


Judith Harley


I will work to ensure the County Council continues to manage your money responsibly, remembering that every penny the council spends is raised from hard working taxpayers.I want to continue to improve education, driving up standards in primary schools so that every child can achieve their potential.As well as developing education and youth services we will also focus on providing excellent services for older people.With an aging population more and more of us will need to rely on social care in our later years. The Conservatives have introduced personal budgets to ensure that every individual is cared for properly.

  Arash Fatemian SMALL

Arash Fatemian


Arash has lived in Oxfordshire for almost 30 years and went to school in Oxford before studying Politics and Economics at the University of Bath, which included a spell spent on work-placement at the House of Lords. After postgraduate work and study in Bath, which included teaching politics to undergraduates, he now lives in Deddington and works for a strategy consultancy in Oxford.He is also a governor at Warriner School and is excited about the new sixth form and the challenges ahead as the school goes through the process of becoming an academy.Arash is also a very keen cyclist and can often be found cyling the rural roads. In 2012, he was instrumental in bringing a stage of the national Halfords Tour Series to Oxford for the first time.

 Patrick Greene SMALL

Didcot East & Hagbourne
Patrick Greene


Over the last 18 months as the councillor for the Moreton Division, I used my allotted Stewardship fund to work with parishes to make community decisions for projects that included:
• Five Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) 30mph/slow signs
• A new 110 metre pavement in East Hagbourne
• Refreshed road markings and 40mph road white roundel markings on the Hadden stretch of the A4130.
My pledge is to work for – the benefit of the community of the Didcot East & Hagbourne Division
• Better educational standards
• Completion of the Didcot Northern perimeter road
• Two way working at Cow lane
• Improved bus services
• Good traffic management at bridges affected by the electrification of railway lines.
• Lobby Network Rail for funds for traffic improvements at these bridges
• Road safety maximisation.I ask for your support on 2nd May 2013 – Thank you.

Bill Service SMALL

Didcot Ladygrove
Bill Service


Bill and his wife, Angela, have lived on Ladygrove for thirteen years, after a twenty-seven-year career in the Royal Air Force as an Airframes Engineer.Bill works for the Ministry of Defence at Royal Air Force Benson as a shift supervisor/driver and Angela works for RPS Group in Milton Park as an Administrator/Secretary.As your current County Councillor, Bill is the Chairman of the Oxfordshire Safer Communities Partnership and is the South Oxfordshire representative on the recently formed Thames Valley Police Commissioner and Crime Panel, working alongside the new Police and Crime Commissioner. A very experienced Councillor, Bill also sits on the following committees: The Oxfordshire County Council and Teachers Joint Committee; The Oxfordshire Stronger and Safer Communities, which oversees Trading Standards; The Fire Service; Libraries; Gipsy & Traveller Sites and the County Coroner. Bill is the Deputy Chairman of the County Council Pension Fund Committee and is a substitute on the County Council Planning Committee.

 Tony Harbour SMALL

Didcot West
Tony Harbour


Tony is presently your County, District and Town Councillor, representing Didcot North for County, and District & Town for Didcot Ladygrove. Tony and his wife Amanda have lived in Didcot for 17 years and their younger daughter currently attends Didcot Girls School. During this time, he has seen many changes to the town, watching it grow, with Cornerstone, The Orchard Centre, and soon phase II of the Orchard Centre. The future certainly looks bright for our town.

With a proven track record in serving the people of Didcot over the past ten years, Tony is seeking your support to re-elect him for a second term at County Hall. Remember: “When local Conservatives win, our whole community wins”
 Charles Mathew SMALL

Charles Mathew


It has been my pleasure to represent the Division of Eynsham for seven years now on Oxfordshire County Council; during that time, I have tried to improve the smooth running of the Council in the interests of the people of Oxfordshire and to support residents of the Division in matters that affect them. This has involved close working with the eight Parish Councils (soon to be nine) whose monthly meetings I regularly attend and with my local West Oxfordshire District Councillors.

At County Hall I have been a member (and now deputy chairman) of the Audit and Governance Committee and the Audit Working Group both of which review and monitor the process workings of the Council and of the Growth and Infrastructure Scrutiny Committee which involves discussion on Highways, Waste, Minerals, Transport and Countryside services. In addition, I represent Oxfordshire County Council on the Council of Partners of the North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Judith Heathcoat SMALL

Judith Heathcoat


I have been your County Councillor for 16 years and have worked hard to make a difference.

I support and/or represent the County on the following:
• Faringdon Area Education Activities Trust – supports local schools, clubs and young people through education, sport and culture.
• Faringdon Leisure Centre Advisory Group
• Faringdon Area Traffic Advisory Committee – this advisory group is for the community and local councils – a voice for traffic/highway concerns.
• Faringdon Neighbourhood Action Group – a group where the “voice” of the community is heard with regard to safety. Thames Valley Police attend.
• Faringdon, Joint Economic Forum
• FAZE – Faringdon’s Youth Centre – the “Big Society” awarded a grant of almost £25,000. I sit on the FAZE Board and the Faringdon Youth Services Committee.
• Faringdon Children’s Centre
• Faringdon Community Bus – ensure continued financial support for this, including “bus stop flags” on their routes.

Kevin Bulmer SMALL

Kevin Bulmer


I’m looking to get the council to understand that its a rural county & to spend more time on connecting with the rural parts which have been ignored in favour of the urban parts.

I’m into my second term on Goring Parish Council currently vice chairman & chair of the planning committee. I’ve lived in goring for over 6 years, my wife has lived here for over 30 years, before that I lived in Guildford, Surrey.

My profession is a quantity surveyor & I’m a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building. I have spent most of my professional life in the construction industry. I had a short spell running an IT department.

I’m married to the lovely Mary & have two sons & two-step children & 4 grandchildren.

 Charlotte Dickson SMALL

Grove & Wantage
Charlotte Dickson


I grew up in this area, going to school in Abingdon and moved back to Wantage with my family 19 years ago. I have been privileged to be Mayor of Wantage since I became elected as a District and Town Councillor two years ago. Together with Grove, we organised a fantastic Jubilee weekend, have been working towards a local plan and I am also a member of the Letcombe Brook steering committee. I am very aware that Wantage and Grove have unique characters which we want to preserve, but feel that we are best able to face the future together.

 Fiona Roper SMALL

Grove & Wantage
Fiona Roper


I have lived in Wantage with my family for 30 years and I am keen to preserve the character of the area, which is under threat from ever more housing developments. Since being elected to the Town and District Council in 2011, I have seen that local initiatives, when they are implemented with energy and enthusiasm, can make a real difference. We have not had effective representation at County level for years. I am standing for election to make sure Wantage and Grove are not overlooked on important core issues such as road improvements and availability of school places.

 Louise Chapman SMALL

Hanborough & Minster Lovell
Louise Chapman


I have been honoured to serve the Hanborough Division since 2005. I have served as a Cabinet Member with responsibility for children’s services since my election.

Over the last few years local councils have had to make some tough decisions due to the economic mess the last Government left us with. I have always argued that we protect front line services and keep council tax low, after all it is your hard earned money we are spending. We have saved over ninety million pounds by cutting management structures bringing services together and changing the way we work, at the same time protecting our award winning fire service, children’s social care and the most vulnerable people in our community. I can also say NO library will close in Oxfordshire I am locally working with the Parish Council in North Leigh to secure the future of our library there and hopefully to enhance the opening hours as well.

I have been able to support many local organisations with the newly introduced personal community councillor budget these include Hanborough Day Centre and Pavilion Project, Freeland changing facilities, North Leigh Youth Project and many other worthy causes.

 Duncan Hatfield SMALL

Headington & Quarry
Duncan Hatfield


Getting the best start in life is vital to your chances in later years. That is why Conservatives are improving education and facilities for young people.We will work with all of Oxfordshire’s schools to ensure the very best education for our County’s children. Driving up performance and driving out poor standards. We are introducing reading schemes into schools and championing success. We are also investing in youth provision and working with voluntary groups who can help improve young people’s lives.

 Stewart Lilly SMALL

Hendreds & Harwell
Stewart Lilly


I have lived and worked in Harwell since 1987. I know this area and love it!We have many attractive benefits, the lovely countryside, the excellent rail and road communications, however, we must not become complacent or isolated. Oxfordshire is one of the finest and most productive counties in a scientific, military and economic way. Its access to major cities is one of its many features. As growth comes, let us ensure that the marriage of old and new is successful. That is what I will work to achieve.Technology seems to know no bounds, but tradition is equally vital.

I will fight hard on your behalf to ensure that the County Council continues to manage your money responsibly, remembering that every penny and pound the Council receives is wisely in our communities.

 David Nimmo-Smith SMALL

David Nimmo-Smith


Representing Henley for many years at Town, District and County levels – including a year as Mayor – I have striven tirelessly to get all levels of Local and National Government to work together for the common good of Henley residents.As a County Councillor, I Chair the Growth & Infrastructure Scrutiny Committee, which holds the Cabinet to task about the roads, infrastructure, transport and economic activity. I chair working groups on Minerals & Gravels, Waste Disposal, Infrastructure & Transport Planning and Flooding. My experience in the County Council’s strategic Planning Committee enhances my contribution as a founding member of Henley’s new Neighbourhood Plan Group.What kind of town do we want to see in the future? Now is a compelling opportunity for innovation – to streamline bureaucracy for efficient, affordable and effective service delivery at the point of need, transparently accountable and underpinned by strong social values.

 Simon Mort SMALL

Iffley Fields & St Marys
Simon Mort


I want to ensure a strong voice for local people in the decisions that are taken at county hall. This is why I am standing for election as your county councillor. I will campaign for a county council that continues to spend your money wisely, and invest in the services that are most important.I want to see continued improvement in school standards and to ensure that excellent services are provided for older people.

 Lilian Sherwood - Isis

Lilian Sherwood


Lilian has lived in Fox Crescent since 1981.
Her two children were educated in Oxford and her son has been a County Councillor for Isis ward since 2004. 

Lilian is well known for her voluntary work in the community, campaigning on behalf of the residents for affordable housing, flood defences, pedestrian crossings and many local needs.
As a Carer for people with disabilities Lilian is aware of their lack of access and opportunities, she has been working with Oxfordshire Unlimited (the main consultants on disability issues) to spread more knowledge and understanding in the community. Lilian is a fully recognised accredited Mediator, a qualified advocate and family guidance counsellor.

Taking an active role on Tenant Involvement panels Lilian has represented the residents, putting forward their views on the services provided by Oxford City Council and helping to shape the future plans for housing and services. With training as a Chairperson, minute secretary, and business administrator Lilian is able to step in to many positions at short notice.

George Harnett SMALL

Jericho & Osney
George Harnett


Since the Conservatives took control of the county council in 2005, things have been steadily improving. Services have got better – and taxes have been held down. With your support I want to be part of that strong team at County Hall to continue to improve our community. Like most people I care about the area I live in. I think we live in a great community, but I also think it can be even better. I want to work hard to bring about the change that is needed.

 Helen Horn SMALL

Kennington & Radley
Helen Horn


Helen has lived in Kennington for most of her life, as have her parents and grandparents since 1939. Her mother has worked within the Oxford University and her grandmother owned a grocers shop in Oxford.She attended Our Lady’s Convent as was, in Abingdon which she enjoyed very much. She then went on to study hairdressing and beauty at Oxford College for two years and then a one year secretarial course at Abingdon College. She has been married to Nick, a self-employed farm contractor for 10 years and has driven the combine harvester and the tractor.She is an active member of St Swithun’s Church in Kennington where Nick is one of the resident organists. As well as being in the choir, she also plays her flute in the church music group.

 Maurice Billington SMALL

Kidlington South
Maurice Billington


I have been proud to have served as your County Councillor for the past eight years. Michael Gibbard who was also County Councillor for this area has stepped down due to the boundary changes which reduce the Council Seats from two to one. Michael worked tirelessly as a Councillor and we worked well as a team so he will be greatly missed.During my time on the Council I have continuously worked hard for our local community. In addition to the County I also sit on Cherwell District Council, Kidlington Parish Council and I am Chairman of Gosford & Water Eaton Parish Council. I am also an active member of the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) which meets to discuss topics such as Antisocial Behaviour and speeding plus many other areas of concern to the Community. I am also involved in many other voluntary groups.

 Melinda Tilley SMALL

Kingston & Cumnor
Melinda Tilley


As Cabinet Member for Schools I want to establish a cycle of aspiration, giving every child the opportunity to achieve their full potential. I am introducing reading schemes into schools so that never again do we have children leaving school unable to read. Our work has already resulted in improved exam results and we will continue to strive to make education in Oxfordshire even better.

 Anthony Gearing SMALL

Kirtlington & Kidlington North
Anthony Gearing


Anthony was born in Oxford and educated at Magdalen College School. During his time at the University of St Andrews, where he studied Cell Biology and Pathology, he was a member of the Conservative Association and Treasurer of the Marrow Group raising money for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. He has also worked as a volunteer for Oxfam. He now works as a scientist in Oxford, providing healthcare products to the NHS.For the last 4 years, he has been the County Councillor for the Wootton Division of Oxfordshire County Council, during which he has addressed residents’ concerns on a wide variety of issues including public transport, highway maintenance, flooding and school admissions. He also serves as Secretary to the Conservative Group on the County Council.

 Pat Jones SMALL

Pat Jones


We are continually improving Oxfordshire’s transport network recognising the importance of all forms of transport: cars, cycles, buses and the railway. In these difficult times we will invest £70m over the coming four years on improvements. We are working with Network Rail to ensure that the redevelopment of Oxford Station also sees improvements in bus services and traffic in Oxford. We are seeking new powers to improve the A34 and A40. We will explore plans for an Oxfordshire-wide scheme for bus, rail and car parks, like London’s ‘Oyster Card’.

 Mark Bhagwandin SMALL

Marston & Northway
Mark Bhagwandin


I am standing for Marston and Northway because I believe I can make a difference in this area by delivering strong effective representation that cuts across partisan political lines. I have been following both ongoing issues and new development plans for Marston. In the coming weeks and months I look forward to hearing more about these issues as I continue to knock on doors and attend meetings to listen to your concerns. I understand the strain on families in these difficult economic times and will work hard to ensure that whatever is done by the County Council does not add to these everyday stresses. I will lobby for the roads I have seen in Marston and Northway in dire need of repair, to be improved. Many of you are frustrated by not being able to park on your own streets.

 Eric Batts SMALL

North Hinksey
Eric Batts


My motivation for standing is that like you I care passionately about the environment in which we live, work and raise families.We all share the same problems and issues which face local communities and I strongly believe that by working together we can make real improvements.I have an unrivaled track record in getting things done. For example I have served for many years on a Parish Council, and am currently District Councillor, so I fully understand the needs of our community – if elected to the County Council I will be uniquely able to influence local government to our benefit at all levels.The Conservative controlled County and District Councils have taking great steps to improve efficiency and services. As well as seeking to improve standards for us all, they quite rightly prioritise investing in the young and giving our seniors the services they deserve – and indeed have earned.

 Tim Hallchurch SMALL

Tim Hallchurch


I am standing for re-election to Oxfordshire County Council. I will continue to represent all constituents especially concerning local roads, schools and planning matters. Having lived in the area for 25 years, I am very familiar with local issues. I attend parish council meetings as often as I can. I also like to attend local events to meet and discuss local issues.Having served in the army for 35 years (24 Regular Army), I am very familiar with the problems of army families. I have represented the County Council on the SE Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for the past four years. I am passionate about nature and building conservation and over the years have taken part in many bird censuses around Otmoor. (I am a member of the RSPB and BTO). I have also studied vernacular architecture at Oxford University so that I can fully appreciate conservation problems.

 Catherine Fulljames SMALL

Catherine Fulljames


I have lived in Middleton Stoney for 35 years, with my husband Andrew. Our four sons have moved on. Consequently I do know that the village schools are so important to a community and I strive to support them. We were here when the Upper Heyford base was vacated by the Americans and I have monitored what is happening there and its future. The introduction of a Free School is particularly important.

On Thursday 2nd May, you will be invited to vote in the Oxfordshire County Council elections. For the past 24 years it has been my privilege to represent you as your County Councillor. During that time I have met a large number of the electorate regularly through Parish Councils and other bodies, and also assisting individual members of the public in matters of concern.

 Tim Patmore SMALL

Rose Hill & Littlemore
Tim Patmore


I am a local campaigner who wants to see the City transformed by individual and community efforts.

If elected to the county council, I would protect Littlemore library from any threat of closure and would provide more grit bins for the roads around the Oval (e.g. the hillsides around Desborough Crescent and Rivermead road).

If elected to the City council, I would provide more bins for dog mess (especially along the towpath and in the green spaces of Littlemore) and would seek to address the huge numbers of empty houses owned by the City council in both Littlemore and Rosehill.

I also oppose the closure of Temple Cowley pool.

In my spare time I am a coordinator at the Gatehouse soup kitchen and believe that Conservatives should always follow the advice given to Pope Francis on his election “Remember the Poor”.

Yvonne Constance SMALL

Yvonne Constance


I have lived near Kingston Lisle for nearly 40 years and served as the Vale District Councillor for part of this Division (for the Craven Ward) since 2003, so I do know the problems facing our rural community, and also where improvements can be made.Since Conservatives took control of the County Council in 2005 things have been steadily improving. Services have got better, and taxes have been held down. With your support I want to contribute to that strong team at County Hall to continue to improve our community.I will continue to fight to retain the Stanford tip. This is a valued local facility which locals are willing to pay to use. I welcome the trial of the ‘re-use’ centre at Stanford tip and urge you to use it well.

 David Bartholomew SMALL

Sonning Common
David Bartholomew


I have not stood for election before, so I approach this challenge with fresh eyes and real enthusiasm. This is backed by wide experience in businesses large and small, and a passionate commitment to this area in which I have lived with my family for nearly 25 years.

In the run up to the election, I have attended Parish Council meetings in all nine of the parishes for which I would be responsible, and have met many constituents while out canvassing. This means I am up to date on the local matters that affect you.

If elected, I will use my local knowledge and business expertise to do everything I can to ensure your taxes are spent wisely, with minimum waste and with maximum benefit to the community.

Chip Sherwood

St Clements & Cowley Marsh
Chip Sherwood


Chip has lived all his life in Oxford. Attended schools in East Oxford and went on to Further Education in (formerly known) Oxford College of Further Education. He first stood as a candidate for Oxfordshire County Council elections in 2004 and he was elected for the Isis ward at the age of only 29 years.

He was re-elected for Isis ward in 2009 being told by the residents that they “needed him to continue with his good, caring and determined work for the community”.Chip consults with residents to ensure that he keeps in touch and is aware of local issues. The campaign for a crossing in Weirs lane finally bore fruit with the County Councillor’s community fund covering the cost. This year Chip used the funds to support Donnington Doorstep youth centre and the Falcon Rowing club who are encouraging youths and disabled people to experience canoeing.

 Vernon Porter SMALL

St Margaret’s
Vernon Porter


I am standing for election for this new County Division because I know that governing Oxfordshire is going to be a very tough job during this next term. The County has already made very significant cost savings, whilst preserving and improving essential services. The next administration will face the same challenge. Since 2005, when the Conservatives were elected to run Oxfordshire, services have been improved whilst costs have been held down. We always remember that every penny we spend is raised from you.I was very interested in the ideas that surfaced for how a 21st century Summertown Library might function. The current Council has already introduced self-service, but a radical redesign, including looking at co-location with other public services, could lead to new services, longer opening hours, better value for taxpayers.

Gervase Duffield SMALL

Sutton Courtenay & Marcham
Gervase Duffield


Gervase Duffield has lived in Appleford since the 1960s, and his family have been in the area for centuries, the family home being what is now Denman College in Marcham. He began his schooling locally first in Abingdon and then at Cothill, before completing it at Lincoln College, Oxford, and finally post-graduate research in Cambridge. He is married to Elizabeth, the daughter of a Christ Church Science academic. He has been a Vale of White Horse councillor for nearly a decade. Before that he was much involved in the location of Didcot housing to the west (now Great Western Park being built), and before that he represented the diocese of Oxford in the Church of England’s national Synod where he served on its Standing Committee (in effect the Church of England’s cabinet), and had considerable links with the Foreign and the Home Office.

 Nick Carter SMALL

Thame & Chinnor
Nick Carter


Eight years ago, the Conservatives won control of the County Council and began the task of transforming it into an organisation that takes a pride in providing you with value for your money. Conservative commonsense now underpins the Council’s focus on providing quality services, running them efficiently and keeping them affordable.

I have been privileged to play a part in that transformation, after being elected as one of your County Councillors in 2005 and re-elected in 2009, along with my colleague David Wilmshurst.  I have worked hard to make a difference, representing the Thame & Chinnor area and providing a loud voice for our lovely part of the county.  On your behalf, I’ve played a full part at the Council as a member or chairman of various committees, and more recently as a member of the Cabinet.

I first moved to Thame 25 years ago, working firstly as a journalist and newspaper editor, then running my own publishing business for a decade and subsequently freelancing.  My wife Hilly and I each have two children, so we know how efficient local services can help with the pressures of family and business life.

The County Council’s activities affect many important aspects of everyone’s lives – such as our families’ health and welfare, our children’s education, our safety from crime, from accidents or fires, our reliance on decent roads and transport systems, our shopping and leisure facilities.

At this election on 2nd May, the Thame & Chinnor division of the county is much larger because of boundary changes.  The expanded area now includes the villages of Aston Rowant, Tetsworth, Kingston Blount and Sydenham ­– but new and existing electors can rest assured that my colleague David Wilmshurst and I remain committed to representing everyone tirelessly.

There is more to be done to safeguard and improve the County Council’s services.  Please help us to continue the momentum by lending us your votes for the next four years!

 David Wilmshurst SMALL

Thame & Chinnor
David Wilmshurst


I have lived in Chinnor with my wife Pam for over 20 years and have two married sons.I continue to find my role as County Councillor challenging and fulfilling. On many occasions I have worked with the District, Town and Parish Councils and with Thames Valley Police to address issues associated with highway problems and road conditions, speeding and traffic signage, planning concerns and anti-social behaviour, to name just a few.As your County Councillor I consider that I have added value to the work of this authority and, together with my colleague Nick Carter, would welcome the opportunity to continue representing the county’s Thame & Chinnor Division.I understand the challenges faced by individuals, families and businesses, particularly during an economic slump, and, with your support on 2nd May, will continue to be a determined champion for all electors.

 Richard Treffler SMALL

University Parks
Richard Treffler


I’m standing for election as your representative for Oxfordshire County Council. Like many of you, I’m proud to say I’m from Oxford and I’m passionate about making a difference, wanting to contribute to our great county. But what does this mean?Supporting a more co-ordinated approach to transport infrastructure: buses, Oxford train station, the park & rides, cycle routes and driving improvements to major traffic routes.It is our uncompromising duty to protect those less fortunate in society: that includes both the elderly and those with disabilities of all kind.We must allow every child every opportunity to fulfil their potential: building on the improvements seen at KS2 at our primary schools – although there is still so much that needs to be done. And academies remain high on the political agenda within educational circles.

 Alan Thompson SMALL

Alan Thompson


We run 44 children’s centres to assist families to help their children to develop. Our Early Intervention hubs assist those families that need help to become thriving families. The restructuring of this service has meant that we now have increased help for young people by 14% across Oxfordshire.

 John Walsh SMALL

John Walsh


John qualified as a chartered accountant and worked for international engineering and electronics companies. He and his wife Ginette moved to Beckley twenty-four years ago and he now works for Oxford University Press in the centre of Oxford.John uses his accounting skills to assist a number of voluntary and charitable organisations including being a governor of Wheatley Park School. He enjoys playing cricket, renovating his house, gardening and exercising his dogs.

 Richard Langridge SMALL

Witney North & East
Richard Langridge


I was born and raised locally and both live and work in Witney North so I am very aware of the issues that matter most both in this part of Witney and in Witney as a whole.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you over the last six years either in my work in the Community or as a District Councillor. It has been a privilege to have been able to help people with both large and small issues and help shape the area where I live and the District that I care about passionately.

 David Harvey SMALL

Witney South & Central
David Harvey


Every week that goes by shows how important it is for all three levels of local administration to work together and nowhere has this been more significant than in the field of flood relief. After the events of 2007 I have worked with all councils and outside agencies to ensure that funding comes to our area to provide relief works so we don’t have a recurrence of the problems of 6 years ago. We have achieved a lot since then, but there is still much to do.

I live and work right in the centre of Witney and will continue to do everything possible to promote the interests of the Town and the people of the Witney South & Central Division if I am re-elected to Oxfordshire County Council on Thursday 2nd May.

 Simon Hoare SMALL

Witney West & Bampton
Simon Hoare


These are important elections for the future of our area. A Conservative Councillor will have a strong and effective voice at County Hall working as part of a Conservative-led Council and working closely with a Conservative District Council. If elected I can get things done for you and our area.

I am a serving District Councillor, a father of three and I run my own local business. I believe that I understand: the issues facing our area; the concerns of parents and families and the needs of our business community.

I’m realistic enough to know that local elections are often used to ‘send a message to the Government’. No Government is ever popular mid-term. Could I urge you to resist that temptation and use your vote to continue a sensible Conservative-led County Council? In my judgement that is the best result for our area.

During the campaign I will be knocking on as many doors as possible – I will continue to listen to our local communities and respond to their needs.

 Ken Bickers

Wolvercote & Summertown
Ken Bickers


We all know that transport is a major concern, from potholes to congestion – but there is an answer!In the next four years we will be directly investing a further £70m in our transport network.We are working with other councils and the private sector in Oxfordshire to bring in much needed investment for roads, rail and buses.We also have ambitious plans to tackle congestion on major links such as the A40 and A34.We will explore plans for an Oxfordshire-wide scheme for bus, rail and car parks, like London’s ‘Oyster Card’.

 Ian Hudspeth SMALL

Ian Hudspeth


I am proud to have represented the Woodstock Division at the County Council since 2005. In May 2012 I had the honour of being elected Leader of the County Council; this gives a strong voice for the Woodstock Division at County Hall.

I work hard across the Division to try and find solutions to any problems you have, regularly attending parish Council meetings. To ensure that I am in touch with local issues, I hold regular surgeries and send monthly email reports.

With your support I want to continue to be part of a strong team at County Hall to continue to improve your community. I believe that local problems are best dealt with locally, to do this the Conservative administration introduced Big Society and Area Highway budgets . I’ve used the funds on a variety of schemes such as the bollards in Woodstock, new signs, clearing vegetation, funds for youth projects and Woodstock in Bloom.

 George Reynolds SMALL

Wroxton & Hook Norton
George Reynolds


If elected my main priority will be to represent you all at County Hall. One of the first actions will be to get to understand the main problems, if any, that Hook Norton, Wigginton & South Newington have as they will be new villages for me in the Wroxton & Hook Norton Division. As a local member who has lived in the area all my life I am aware of the geography of villages but will need to get to know your Parish Councils so I can work with them in all aspects of village affairs. Clearly any new developments in any village will put pressure on schools and roads which will need to be addressed.